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Sâde Gryffin, MFA, was born and raised in Wales and currently lives and works on the ancestral lands of the Southern Pomo and Coast Miwok peoples (known by the settler name of Sonoma County in Northern California.) Sâde identifies as a trans/nonbinary/queer man and is a mystic, psychic energy healer, teacher, and artist. He brings a bold and pragmatic sensibility to his work through a unique combination of psychic lineage, his former career as a seasoned arts professor, and thirty years of experience in the healing arts.

Sâde’s private practice as a psychic energy healer offers deep healing for people (especially empaths) to release blocks, heal from trauma, clear unhelpful behavioral patterns and transmute stuck emotions to illuminate a path to greater peace. He regularly leads workshops in psychic development, energy hygiene, and healing, healthy energy boundaries, creating authentic ritual practice, and ancestral work through Welsh/Celtic mysticism both online and in person. The courses teach radical self-healing of the mind, body, and spirit and powerful yet pragmatic healing tools and techniques for everyday groundedness and clarity.

Sâde has taught in various retreats and venues, notably at the California Institute for Integral Studies in San Francisco. Sâde centers queer and trans world views in his practice, and all allies are welcome. Sâde’s spiritual practice and ceremony are deeply rooted in the earth-honoring traditions of his ancestral homeland of Wales. His desire to find an authentic spiritual practice led to his current Ph.D. research into the lost wisdom traditions of the ancient Welsh. His research methodology is channeling knowledge from sacred and Neolithic sites around Wales.

Sâde’s summit interview goes deep into:

Emotional imbalance issues for empaths

Best grounding techniques for empaths

Earth energy and energy vortexes

Honoring our energetic ancestry


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