Nicole Miz is an intuitive life coach, clairvoyant reader, reiki master energy healer, and an artist from Alpharetta, Georgia. Her transformative journey began in 1998 when deep meditation opened her to a series of powerful visions, awakening her innate healing and intuitive abilities. Leaving behind her career as a graphic designer, Nicole embarked on a new path as a spiritual intuitive artist and reiki healer. With over 22 years of experience, she has lovingly supported a diverse range of clients from around the world through her art and healing work.

Outside of her work, Nicole finds joy in dolphins, music, crystals, art, and dancing. When it comes to food, her favorites are lasagna, sushi, and coconut cake. Book an appointment with Nicole for mind-blowing readings, reiki energy healing, or intuitive coaching sessions. Her compassionate guidance empowers you to reconnect with your authentic self, uncover your divine purpose, and express your creative spark of light. Embark on a journey of self-discovery under the caring guidance of Nicole Miz. 

Nicole’s summit interview goes deep into:

Using intuition to make art

Seeing the soul essence in others

Inner child work for empaths

Finding your creative life purpose

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