Caroline Palmy is an award-winning and best-selling author, speaker and heart flow healer. She is a self-love pioneer leading the way for women over 40 to release their blocks, regain a deep sense of self, and step onto the path to a fulfilled, purposeful life. Using a mix of her personal life experiences, powerful, intuitive energy healing, and deep insight, Caroline certainly walks her talk. A mother, empath, introvert, and spiritual sherpa, Caroline is taking all who meet her on a gentle yet potent path of self-discovery and inner healing, leading from the front as she grows in wisdom from her shared adventures. Her books and courses continue to inspire and educate women worldwide.

Caroline’s summit interview goes deep into:

The practice of self-love for empaths

Empaths and narcissistic relationships

Confusion around identity for empaths

Reconnecting with your naturally strong feeling function

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